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Welcome to Currency Chatter!

Currency Chatter was started so that people would have an open place to share information and opinions without the fear of being banned or bashed into oblivion. We encourage each and everyone of you to engage in friendly and RESPECTFUL conversations with each other. Please remember when things get heated, its ok to walk away and agree to disagree.

If you would like to share "intel", you do that at the risk of people disagreeing with you or challenging you. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are treating each other with respect. Currency Chatter will not delete members for challenging "intel" or "gurus" unless its being done out of disrespect or malice.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated or wanting more detail on our policies and where we stand, please feel free to contact one of the admins or mods and read the information here

Thank you to all of the members who faithfully post and actively participate on this site. You help make this place one of the top currency investment sites on the web.

The Currency Chatter Team 

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